Evolution Blades sells the Motohara line of Japanese style swords. The focus of our swords is on high performance cutting, handling and durability, with traditional koshirae designs, and custom craftsman level build-quality.


Kissaki (切先) - The tip, or point of the Japanese Sword is the size (width) of the point relative to the width of the blade at the machi that makes this a Ko-kissaki.

Handtagets längd: 5,98 tum/15,2 cm. Kissaki form: O-kissaki. Blad material: 1095 stål med härdat lera. Blad form: åttakantig skaft-ZUKURI. Tsuba material: ingen  Kenjutsu: träning med katana och andra vapen (beroende på skolan) för strid. Iaijutsu Vanliga tips är o-kissaki, chu-kissaki och Kk-kissaki, vilket betyder stora,  Hitta stockbilder i HD på kissaki och miljontals andra royaltyfria stockbilder, Blade of Japanese sword (Chinese made) with​ plain pattern on​ edge isolated.

O kissaki katana

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There are Bo-Hi on both side of the blade. Jitetsu : Itame Hada, Nagare and Hadadatsu with Jinie attach. Log In. Home Long Katana with high grade Koshirae . Shinken suitable and fit for training and mounted on a restored antique Koshirae two Nihon-Tosogu-Kenkyu-Kai (NTKK) original official Japanese certifications. A great heavy and strong Japanese sword training for cut and other practices. And also for collection of course. O-Kissaki Katana: 0 ships destroyed and 4 ships lost.

Thickness or kasane is 7.75mm at munemachi. Kissaki has healthy boshi with a very tiny bend on the tip that can easily be repaired during polish without reshaping.

träningsform där vi använder det japanska svärdet, katana. utvecklade Toho från olika iaido-skolors former och sammanförde sedan Drag till kissaki.

(=> kissaki types in shinogi-zukuri style) 1) The ridge line (shinogi) is in normal height. Nov 25, 2020 - My custom project with Walter Sorrells is a shinogi-zukuri blade with an O-Kissaki. However, there are many, many different styles.

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Honsanmai Clay Tempered Osoraku Tanto O-Kissaki Japanese Short Sword Shell Saya at the 

To begin with, getting it to grow gracefully out of the rest of the blade is seriously tric Rick Barrett - http://www.barrettcustomknives.com/homeYamato Budogu Fuchi/Kashira/Kojiri - http://www.yamatobudogu.com/Fuchi_Kashira_p/005-k034-2br2.htmThis The blade is made of 1095 high carbon steel and clay tempered. The tip is O kissaki, the hamon is suguha (straight), the blade is hazuya polished along the hamon line. The tsuka is made of hardwood, wrapped with one-piece genuine rayskin and synthetic leather ito. Clay Tempered Japanese Katana Choji Hamon Sword Unokubi Zukuri O-kissaki Razor Sharp Full Tang Shinke Blade: -The Blade Of The Sword Has Been Hand Forged Using The Ancient Method Of Sword Making .

O kissaki katana

This sword is also dated. The blade's cutting edge/nagasa measures 27 3/4” (70.7 cm). This katana has a Silver foil habaki. The Kissaki is of great significance to a Japanese sword. The Katana Kissaki is the tip of the Japanese sword that has the ridge line. This part must never be confused with Boshi which refers to the pattern of the hamon. The final process of grinding and polishing process separates the Kissaki Katana ground.
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Fitting: - Koshirae: The Tsuba (Guard), Fuchi (Sleeve) And Kashira (Buttcap) Of The Sword Made Of High Quality Iron .The brass Habaki (Blade Collar) Is A One Piece Construction. The kissaki is the tip section of a Japanese sword, starting from the Yokote line that separates the rest of the blade from the tip. A particularly short one is called a Kokissaki and was commonly seen on 12th century Tachi swords, the precursor to the Katana.

Its got about a four-inch kissaki. A kissaki this  23 Aug 2018 The sharp point of a Japanese katana is called the “kissaki”. The large o- kissaki (sometimes dai-kissaki) are seen often in swords made  Koshi Sori O Kissaki Katana.
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träningsform där vi använder det japanska svärdet, katana. utvecklade Toho från olika iaido-skolors former och sammanförde sedan Drag till kissaki.

Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest O-Kissaki Katana Clay Tempered 1095 Carbon Steel Heavy Large Kissaki Daisho Set (with O-Kissaki, large tip): 2 Clay Tempered Japanese Katana T10 Steel Sword Unokubi Zukuri O-kissaki Shinken. MASSIVE Antique Japanese ShinShinto 4 1/8" O-KISSAKI Samurai O-Kissaki Katana (Conoco.) lost their Breacher in Alparena (Placid). Final Blow by Luna -Llena (BlueWaffe) flying in a Catalyst. Total Value: 2,009,800.16 ISK This o-kissaki katana is mounted in shira-saya. Product Condition This fine sword has no nicks. The blade is in original, almost perfect polish.